Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Kern Painting, LLC!  Thomas will lead your project with 41 years of skilled and professional experience! We look forward to working with you to meet your project needs.  

It is your responsibility to read your contract carefully and ask questions about your project.  

The contract is a legal agreement between you and Kern Painting, LLC.  Upon signing the contract, you signify your agreement to all terms, conditions, and notices contained or referenced herein.  Kern Painting, LLC reserves the right to update or revise these Terms of Use.  If such updates or revisions are made, you will be notified.  Choosing to continue to use Kern Painting, LLC after your notification of any updates or revisions, constitutes acceptance of those changes.  

To help ensure the success of your project:

  1. Use communication lines between you and Tom!  Let us know about what you are pleased about, or concerned about.   
  2. Remember, this is a construction site!  We will straighten up daily, but know that equipment will be stored on your property while work is ongoing.  It is your responsibility to keep yourself, others, and pets safe while work is ongoing.  All equipment, tools, machinery, and materials are for use ONLY by those employed by Kern Painting, LLC. If an injury or damage is experienced, no liability will be assumed by Kern Painting, LLC.
  3. We will maintain an active work site on your property during the entire duration of this project.  Please be sure to keep children and others, pets, or personal projects or activities away from the work site for everyone’s safety.
  4. Of all the things that we can control to contribute to the success of your project, we still cannot control the weather!  However, we will make every effort to begin a job on the scheduled day.  If other untold situations require a change in the dates of your job, please know that we are doing everything we can for your project.  

Financing your project:

  1. 25% of the project estimate is due with a signed contract and date saved for your project
  2. 50% of the project estimate is due the day work begins as agreed upon with Thomas.
  3. The remaining 25% of the project estimate is due upon completion of the work.
  4. If any additions or deviations from the original estimate and contract are desired by the client, additional charges will be made.  A change order to the original estimate and contract will be completed with Thomas. These change orders will delay the completion of your project and any change order will need to be paid in full before change will occur.
  5. If a cancellation of any or all the project is needed, contact Thomas at least three (3) weeks PRIOR to your scheduled date to begin to avoid a cancellation fee.
  6. If you cancel any part or all of a project sooner than three (3) weeks of your scheduled date to begin, a 10% cancellation fee of the total contract will be retained, without exception. 
  7. You will probably have work to do before we begin your project (ie clear pathways, remove foliage against a structure, move furniture away from walls, remove wall hangings, etc.).  IF you are not prepared for us to begin on the scheduled date, and we have to delay when we begin your project, a $200 fee per calendar work day will be assessed.
  8. YOU get to choose the color and sheen of your paints/stains!  If you decide to change the color and/or sheen of your paints/stains, different products will result in a change order and/or a new contract, including additional costs. 

Tips for the care of your finished surface:

  1. Do NOT tape or or adhere objects to newly painted surfaces.  Depending upon the type of paint, the surface covered, and environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, the curing of paint is rarely under 30 days. Using tape or other adhering products can result in damaging or destroying the new layer of paint.
  2. Different areas of a newly painted surfaces can cure at different rates.  For example, paint can dry quicker if near a source of sunlight or near a furnace vent.  
  3. Avoid abrasive actions using water or cleaning chemicals of any sort on a newly painted surface. 
  4. Avoid moving objects on a newly painted surface, such as furniture on a newly painted deck.

These procedures and details about our work include, but are not limited to:


  1. Cover all surfaces that will not be painted with plastic and/or tarps.
  2. Power wash all surfaces to be painted.
  3. Remove, Prime and Paint and reinstall Downspouts
  4. Prime all raw wood. with Peel Bond Primer
  5. Caulk all cracks and indentations.
  6. Scrape any loose paint and prime appropriately.
  7. Apply finish coat of Diamond Vogel Palisade or Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec.


      *Note: The quality of the wood on the deck can effect the finish. 

       Kern Painting, LLC is not responsible for the quality of wood under a new

       layer of paint on any surface.

      *Understand that wood has an expected life span.  The age of the deck and    

        the kind of wood it is constructed with will affect the duration of the

        newly painted surface.  In our climate, the life span of pine is approximately 

        10 years, where as the life span of cedar is approximately 15-20 years.

  1.  Cover all appropriate surfaces with plastic and/or tarps.
  2.  Power wash all surfaces to be painted.
  3.  IF PAINTED: Use Peel Bond Primer on all raw wood.
  4. Staining requires NO primer.
  5.  Apply finish coat of Messmers Deck Stain or Benjamin Moore Arbor Coat.


  1. Cover all appropriate surfaces with plastic, paper, and/or tarps.
  2. Clean all surface that will be painted when appropriate like smoke damage
  3. Fill all nail and screw holes
  4. Caulk all cracks seems and joints in trim and drywall as needed
  5. Prime as needed
  6. New drywall and New texture are always back rolled with primer
  7. Apply finish coat of Diamond Vogel Zero Plus (No VOC) or similar Benjamin Moore Scruff X.

INTERIOR CABINETS or Sealed Wood to Paint

  1. Cover all appropriate surfaces with plastic and/or tarps
  2. Clean all surfaces with Krud Kutter or a similar cleaner.
  3. Sand all surfaces
  4. Prime all surfaces with Benjamin Moore Multi-Purpose Primer
  5. Apply finish coat with commercial Benjamin Moore Cabinet Finish or Trim Paint


  1. Cover all appropriate surfaces with plastic, paper, and/or tarps.
  2. Textured surfaces: apply mud, allow to dry, sand, repeat.  Approximately 3 layers (levels) of mud are required for all textured surfaces.  Allow 24 hours for each layer (level) of mud to dry. 
  3. Smooth surfaces: apply mud, allow to dry, sand, repeat.  Approximately 4 levels of mud are required for all textured surfaces.  Allow 24 hours for each level of mud to dry.
  4. 24 hours after the last level of mud has been applied, prime the raw drywall surface.
  5. Apply finish coat of Diamond Vogel Zero+ (No VOC Paint)

     *Understand that applying drywall requires a minimum of 3 – 4 work days prior 

      to the application of paint. 


  1. Cover all appropriate surfaces with plastic, paper, and/or tarps.
  2. Sand all surface to be stained with 150-180 grit sand paper
  3. Clean surface by vacuum and paint thinner
  4. Stir stain and rag or foam brush on stain and then wipe last
  5. Wait to dry 24 hrs
  6. 1 coast finish OLD MASTERS Armour water based finish
  7. Fill all nail holes with colored putty
  8. Sand if needed, Clean and 2 coat of finish

Be advised: If any legal action, arbitration or other proceeding, is brought for the enforcement of this Agreement, or because of an alleged dispute, breach or default in connection with any of the provisions of this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred in that action or proceeding, including any appeal of such action or proceeding, in addition to any other relief to which that party may be entitled.

Any offensive, aggressive, inappropriate behavior and verbal abuse directed at Kern Painting’s workers and staff will not be tolerated. If such occurs, work will cease immediately and your contract will be voided. Any payments made for the job will be forfeit. NO walk-through, NO touch up and NO refunds.

Kern Painting Covid-19 Statement

Kern Painting employees closely monitor their health and well being while on the job site. If any symptoms of illness are present, the employee will not be at the work site. Thomas will inform the client of the health status of any Kern Painting employee regarding exposure to Covid-19 and any test results.  A negative Covid test will be obtained before any Kern Painting employee is allowed to return to work.  We also ask that our clients inform us of any change in their health status regarding exposure to Covid-19 and any test results. 

Thank you for the opportunity to complete your painting project!  We look forward to creating another satisfied, repeat customer!

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