High Interior Walls

These walls are 25 feet high, Using a No Voc paint call ECO Spec from Benjamin Moore. Not sure zero-VOC is? Contact us and we will be happy to explain it.

Repeat customer

This project was a joy to work on.  A repeat customer for Kern Painting. Unfortunately, we did not get more pictures.

Successful Happy Home Seller

Painted the full exterior, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and the mail floor walls. Guess how much this home sold for?

Exterior Job in Windsor, Colorado

Diamond Vogel to help fight again fade and weather. Painted the shed to finish of the complete look of the exterior of the home.

Kitchen Cabinets

Brought this kitchen back to life with white cabinets. Check out the before and after pictures.

Drywall to Finish

Pictures highlighting the work process of drywall finishing in a bathroom.

My Sisters Home!!

Chipped paint on the exterior of the house. Finished it off with blue shutters when it was completed.

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