Thomas learned the painting trade as a teenager helping his step-dad paint during summers off from school. He has worked professionally as a house painter for 37 years and has owned his own house painting business, Kern Painting , for 18 years. He earned a Bachelor degree in Music from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, having studied French Horn as his main instrument. As a young person he also studied piano and attended piano competitions. Later, he earned his Teacher Certification in Music; K-12 choral, orchestra and band and taught middle school band for four years. For the last 12 years Thomas is studying  and teaching the martial arts under the direction    training under Rod Sacharnoski, Dai Soke 12th Dan, known for Combat Ki, Founder of Juko-Kai International and head of Western Headquarters for the International Okinawan Martial Arts Union Thomas Kern lives happily in Colorado with his wife of twenty five years, their ten year old daughter, 5 cats and 6 chickens