Exterior Homes Every 5 Years or Yearly Maintenance Program

This exterior in Fort Collins had been neglected for years and the siding is starting to deteriorate.  When a house is not maintained it will peel in random places where   no peeling had occurred before  Now that it has been painted a maintenance program should be set in place with yearly inspection to catch any  problems like painting touch ups or caulking  touch up.  This cost is much lower and extends the life of paint so that it does not need to be repainted every 5 years!


One thought on “Exterior Homes Every 5 Years or Yearly Maintenance Program

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  1. I do not have words to say how amazing this house looks now! I lived in this house previously when the house was a terrible green color and looked like it was in rough shape. Thomas completely changed this property for the better. The house looks brand new and is not the eye sore of the street. Thank you Kern Painting for doing a fantastic job!!

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