Why do we work?

What is the reason for doing work?  Money? Family?  I had this discussion with a couple of trades people in the last couple of weeks.   After,  I thought why do I work. I have painted for 35 years.  What drives me to work.  Integrity.   That is that I do the best job on each job that I do which means.

  • Cover all surfaces not painted
  • Prepare all surfaces to be painted by sanding and cleaning
  • Mask and tape all surfaces not to be painted
  • Tape caulking  all cut lines to make them straight as possible
  • Paint from Diamond Vogel High Quality
  • Work is written out before begins
  • Any added work has a change order
  • Client is educated and informed of work to be performed
  • Touch up on work after job is over and what I see as well as what client ask for

These are some of the items that I cover in each job and if it takes me additional time to make sure that, before I leave each job.  I do it with Integrity.



3 thoughts on “Integrity

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  1. Kern Painting is the only place I go when I need a job done. I can count on Thomas to do it right.

  2. Kern Painting is the best in Northern Colorado. His quality of work is unbeatable!

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