Kitchen Cabinets

Pictures Before


Cabinets are difficult to paint from stain and the preparation takes many hours.

Covering all the non painted services.

During Preparation

output(1)After sanding off most of the varnish and stain.  2 coats of primer

Finish Product

IMG_20171210_165815646.jpgIMG_20171226_194752964.jpgIMG_20171226_194757791.jpgIMG_20171226_194801651.jpgIt takes about 3 days to finish this quality of product.


The Art of Straight Lines

As  a House Painter I have learned that making straight lines is an art.  First nothing is straight,  the Framing and 2 by fours are not straight, the drywall is not hung straight, and the taping of the corners are not straight.  So as the painter it is my job to create a straight line.  Using a straight edge or a level will not work because then you are straightening out a corner that was not straight to begin with!!   Creating a line that looks straight is a work of art and like a painting may take a couple coats from different directions to make it possible.  This is the reality of painting and it is a challenge that I relish in:)

Painting Stucco/Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)

So no matter what type of covering your house has it needs to be painted! Especially in Northern Colorado and along the Front Range.  As you head to Red Feather Lakes on the edge of Livermore.  Look to the right before you head down the hill and you will see this house we painted last Summer(2017). Stucco absorbs paint because of it porous texture. It is recommend to do it sooner than later so that you do not have to repair the cracks from waiting too long!



Exterior Homes Every 5 Years or Yearly Maintenance Program

This exterior in Fort Collins had been neglected for years and the siding is starting to deteriorate.  When a house is not maintained it will peel in random places where   no peeling had occurred before  Now that it has been painted a maintenance program should be set in place with yearly inspection to catch any  problems like painting touch ups or caulking  touch up.  This cost is much lower and extends the life of paint so that it does not need to be repainted every 5 years!



Why do we work?

What is the reason for doing work?  Money? Family?  I had this discussion with a couple of trades people in the last couple of weeks.   After,  I thought why do I work. I have painted for 35 years.  What drives me to work.  Integrity.   That is that I do the best job on each job that I do which means.

  • Cover all surfaces not painted
  • Prepare all surfaces to be painted by sanding and cleaning
  • Mask and tape all surfaces not to be painted
  • Tape caulking  all cut lines to make them straight as possible
  • Paint from Diamond Vogel High Quality
  • Work is written out before begins
  • Any added work has a change order
  • Client is educated and informed of work to be performed
  • Touch up on work after job is over and what I see as well as what client ask for

These are some of the items that I cover in each job and if it takes me additional time to make sure that, before I leave each job.  I do it with Integrity.