COVID-19 Statement

Kern Painting and crew closely monitor their health and wear masks at all times while working inside. No one will be allowed to work if they show symptoms and will be ordered to get tested.


Gabe and Kristen Reilly

When we decided to paint our house, we considered several companies.  We decided to use Kern Painting because they mentioned things that other companies didn’t, when quoting our project.  When it was time to paint, they exceeded our expectations.  We will be using Kern Painting again, they are detail oriented, friendly and professional.




  • Red Feather Lakes Painting
    I will travel to a job anywhere that a client is willing to pay me for my profession.  This job was in Red Feather Lakes.  I have painted a number of properties in that area and always enjoy going up into the mountains.  I did some minor siding repairs as well, which I have done… Continue Reading →
  • Maintenance of your Home Before This Happens!
    What Are the Benefits of Routine Painting and Maintenance? Reduce your long-term maintenance expenses. Proactive, more frequent care is much more cost-effective than paying for large-scale remediation. Protect your property from damage and decay! Mold, Sun , dry rot, and more can develop, often unnoticed at first. Stain and Paint protects against moisture and pest… Continue Reading →
  • The Art of Straight Lines
    As  a House Painter I have learned that making straight lines is an art.  First nothing is straight,  the Framing and 2 by fours are not straight, the drywall is not hung straight, and the taping of the corners are not straight.  So as the painter it is my job to create a straight line. … Continue Reading →
  • Painting Stucco/Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)
    So no matter what type of covering your house has it needs to be painted! Especially in Northern Colorado and along the Front Range.  As you head to Red Feather Lakes on the edge of Livermore.  Look to the right before you head down the hill and you will see this house we painted last… Continue Reading →
  • Exterior Homes Every 5 Years or Yearly Maintenance Program
    This exterior in Fort Collins had been neglected for years and the siding is starting to deteriorate.  When a house is not maintained it will peel in random places where   no peeling had occurred before  Now that it has been painted a maintenance program should be set in place with yearly inspection to catch… Continue Reading →