Kitchen Cabinets

Pictures Before


Cabinets are difficult to paint from stain and the preparation takes many hours.

Covering all the non painted services.

During Preparation

output(1)After sanding off most of the varnish and stain.  2 coats of primer

Finish Product

IMG_20171210_165815646.jpgIMG_20171226_194752964.jpgIMG_20171226_194757791.jpgIMG_20171226_194801651.jpgIt takes about 3 days to finish this quality of product.

Maintenance of your Home Before This Happens!

  • What Are the Benefits of Routine Painting and Maintenance?

  • Reduce your long-term maintenance expenses. Proactive, more frequent care is much more cost-effective than paying for large-scale remediation.
  • Protect your property from damage and decay! Mold, Sun , dry rot, and more can develop, often unnoticed at first.
  • Stain and Paint protects against moisture and pest intrusion.
  • Routine care provides peace of mind. You’ll never need to worry about your surfaces, or whether your project can be fit into the schedule in a convenient way.
  • Keep your home looking its best! No chipped, peeling, flaking paint, or grey, tired wood surfaces